The Constraints of Too Many Choices

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I have too many tablets. In my bid to lessen the amount of devices in my life (my goal was 2), I ended up buying more than I will ever need. My NYC roommate laughed when I explained to her that buying the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 was supposed to be the last tablet I would buy for some time, and that ended up being wrong.

The truth is that I wanted a device to do everything, that it would be somehow light enough to use as a tablet, powerful enough that it could be used as a desktop, and I wouldn’t be afraid to lose or break it. At this point, it is almost impossible for a device to do all that. Apple certainly comes closest to fitting the bill, but I prefer the Android or Windows OS. And the Windows OS is not very expansive for mobile / tablet use, but the Android is not good for productivity work, especially when I need to work remotely.

This long intro leads to why I like the Fire OS despite its limitations. In work and life, it becomes very hard to figure out what is necessary and what is “nice to have.” I always collect things and apps for the specific instances when they could be used, and by the end I end up purging my cache because of space constraints. The Fire OS forced me to really think about what I need, what I use on a daily basis, and, most importantly, what I can live without. Thinking about it, it’s the same with work; being able to focus on the key items and not worrying about completing everything. Perfection is certainly something to strive for, and hopefully achieve, but people confuse “perfectionists” for “completionists.” Like an impressionist painting, enough is done to give the viewer a clear idea of what is being portrayed.

My feelings may change as I keep using the Kindle HD 7, but at least it puts in perspective what needs to be done, rather than what would be nice to have done.


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